The Malaysian Oil and Gas Services Council or MOGSC was formed on 1st December 2003, as an initiative to establish an association driven and by the services sector of the Malaysian Oil and Gas Industry.

MOGSC is now the premier business forum representing the interests of Oil and Gas Service Provides and our membership of 602 companies represent all sectors within the industry. MOGSC's key mission is too promote the capabilities of Malaysian Service Providers and showcase Malaysia as the regional hub for the Oil and Gas Industry.


OBJECTIVE 2016-2018

Help Members Ride This Difficult Period
  • Current industry market see contracts getting scarce hence resulting in stiffer competition.
  • MOGSC will explore different approaches and strategies to replace the heavy reliance on PETRONAS for contracts.
  • MOGSC will facilitate the dissemination of realistic and timely information to assist in the members decision making process.
Implement Tangible Initiatives through CORAL 2.0
  • MOGSC will endeavor to encourage the implementation of specific initiatives that are acionable and beneficial to members.
  • Examples: Industry Mutual Hold Harmless (IMHH), Independent Design Center, Marine Inspection Standards and Digital Infrastructure.
Ensure Members Active Participation In Pengerang Integrated Complex (PIC)
  • MOGSC will actively facilitate the participation by working closely with JPDC and PETRONAS to monitor contract awards for local companies.
  • MOGSC will also be facilitating the information process by bringing realistic and timely information.
Escalate Focus on ILB program
  • ILB award to MOGSC is a great achievement. MOGSC will provide high priority focus and support to CTWG to follow through with ILB.
Organization Improvement
  • EXCO to be more involved and accountable on key functions and working group programme through defined KPIs.
  • Secretariat role and responsibilities will be enhanced. Gaps will be filled to strengthen its delivery and accountability.
Ensure success of MOGSEC 2016
  • MOGSEC 2016 is a key success criterion. MOGSC must work effectively with MES as well as other stakeholders to make it the spotlight event of the year.
Continue Engagement with PETRONAS
  • MOGSC EXCO will set executive level alignment with PETRONAS Management, to ensure that all initiatives are then driven downwards. Quarterly engagement with management of PETRONAS will be pursued.
Collaborations with other Associations
  • MOGSC will set up clear rules of engagement with MPRC, MATRADE, MIDA, and other industry body or associations. This will result in better focus and activities.
Reach out to Sarawak and Sabah
  • MOGSC will facilitate in initiating engagement and collaboration with Sarawak and Sabah. This will bring synergy and cross leverage to each other.
Communicate the Impact of TPPA to Members
  • MOGSC to facilitate for industry to understand the impact of TPPA on the service industry and assist in ensuring that members are aware of the impact of TPPA on their businesses.