Asset Integrity Management Working Group

The Asset Integrity Management Working Group (AIMWG) promotes the development of Asset Integrity Management in the Oil & Gas Industry towards maximizing returns on facilities / assets while maintaining stakeholder value and minimizing business risks.

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Working Group Asset Integrity Management Working Group (AIMWG)
Mentor Sofiyan Yahya
Chairperson Paul James, Ankaa Consulting
Past Committee Faizal Sohaimi, Intergraph Process
Vincent Tan CK/Shawn, Star Energy Process
Mohd Najib Othman, SGS (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd
Wan Halim Wan Ahmad, Bureau Veritas
Capt Abdul Rahman, Cekap Technical Services
Antony Danial D'cruz, Valser
Peter Davies, RGM Asia Pacifix, EMUCI
Lim Eu Shawn, University Teknologi PETRONAS
Vision / Mission / Objective VISION

To establish Malaysia as a hub of excellence for Asset Integrity Management Services in Asia Pacific Region


To promote the development of Asset Integrity Management Services among all asset owners/holders

  • Creating awareness of Asset Integrity Management Services.
  • Collaborate with industry stakeholder in relation with Asset Integrity Management.
  • Promote Asset Integrity Management in the Malaysian Oil & Gas Industry as sustainable business.
  • Increase local capability by providing a platform for foreign and Malaysian industry to collaborate.
  • Regulatory in upstream business by government to increase safety by asset integrity. This Asset Integrity initiative should be complied with current government regulation i.e. OSHA, and the arrangement must be matched between the regulator and operator:-
  1. Special Skim Inspection discussion on the owner responsibility, including onshore and offshore.
  2. Positive direction and more AIM initiative involving onshore and offshore.
  3. AIMWG to be a middle man between DOSH and Industry in the sense of standardization of regulation.
Proposed Upcoming Activities
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Activity Report


List of Activities - Asset Integrity Management Working Group
No List of Activities Date Link
2 2nd AIMWG Meeting Monday
18th July 2016
1 1st AIMWG Meeting Friday
10th June 2016