CTWG Activity Report 2016 - 2017

By Ir. Megat Zariman Abdul Rahim
Mentor & Chairman, Competency & Training Working Group

The Competency & Training Working Group(CTWG) has been bustling with programs and activities since May 2016. Up to March 2017, CTWG conducted 56 activities covering Events, Working Group Meetings and Subcommittee Meetings, as well as smaller group discussions and stakeholder engagements.

CTWG is the most active Working Group in MOGSC. The high activity level of CTWG is because of the commitment, dedication, and passion of the CTWG working committees as well as CTWG members. Each Monthly CTWG Meeting is attended by more than 20 people.It is the only working group in MOGSC that holds its monthly member meeting outside of MOGSC offi ce due to large number of participations.

CTWG Roadmap
In 2016, CTWG released its 5 Year Roadmap.

The MOGSC Competency Development Roadmap covers 6 main objectives which are defined as follows:

  • To create a database aof O&G experts.
  • To develop an O&G competency skills framework.
  • To Define certifi cation process guidelines.
  • To develop and promote training development opportunities for members.
  • To assess market needs regularly.
  • To drive knowledge and information sharing to drive Change Management.

These core objectives support the goal of MOGSC fulfilling its responsibility as the O&G Industry Lead Body (ILB). We also want to create a landscape that nurtures continuous availability of competent Malaysian workforce in the Oil and Gas sector.