Future Automation Solution Technology

The Future Automation Solution Technology Working Group (FASTWG) has been bustling with programs and activities since June 2016. Up to March 2017, FASTWG conducted 25 activities covering Working Group Meetings, as well as smaller group discussions and stakeholder engagements.

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Working Group Future Automation Solution Technology Working Group (FASTWG)
Mentor Sharifah Zaida Nurlisha Syed Ibrahim
Chairperson Sofiyan Yahya, Cekap Technical Services Sdn Bhd
Patron Dato' Wan Hassan, PETRONAS
Vision / Mission / Objective VISION & MISSION

IoT for Malaysian Oil and Gas industry

  • Innovation solutions for Coral 2.0
  • OPEX model for integrated communications for high bandwidth offshore
  • Industry and stakeholders collaboration on IoT
Proposed Upcoming 2017 Activities
  • Forum on blueprint offshore communications
  • Engagement with MDEC / ADAX
  • Forum on IoT solutions
  • Industry and stakeholders engagement on IoT and Big Data

Activity Report 2016 - 2018


List of 2016-2018 Activity - FASTWG
No List of 2016-2018 Activities - FASTWG Date Link
25 Forum - Collaborate with Marine & Logistics Working Group on Marine Digitization Forum Wednesday
8th March 2017
24 Discussion with PETRONAS ICT on way forward on IoT Tuesday
28th February 2017
23 Seminar : Big Data, IoT & Cloud Wednesday
14th December 2016
22 6th SCORRE WG Meeting Friday
18th November 2016
21 5th SCORRE WG Meeting Wednesday
9th November 2016
20 Meeting with MATRADE & MDCC Monday
24th October 2016
19 SCORRE WG - MOGSC, PETRONAS and MDEC Meeting Monday
17th October 2016
18 SCORRE WG - CORAL 2.0 update on SCORRE and bandwidth connectivity initatitive Friday
14th October 2016
17 SCORRE WG Meeting PETRONAS on update for bandwidth connectivity initiative Tuesday
11th October 2016
16 SCORRE WG Meeting PETRONAS on bandwidth connectivity forum progress Wednesday
5th October 2016
15 SCORRE WG Meeting with CORAL 2.0 on SCORRE forum Friday
30th September 2016
14 SCORRE WG Meeting with NTT Communications on participation in SCORRE Wednesday
21st September 2016
13 SCORRE WG Meeting PETRONAS on forum template for SCORRE Thursday
8th September 2016
12 4th SCORRE WG Meeting Thursday
1st September 2016
11 SCORRE WG - CORAL 2.0 Meeting, DIGICT WG activity update Thursday
25th August 2016
10 SCORRE WG - MDEC, PETRONAS and MOGSC Meeting Monday
22nd August 2016
9 SCORRE WG Preparatory Discussion for MDEC, PETRONAS and MOGSC Engagement Friday
19th August 2016
8 SCORRE WG Technical Meeting on satellite services technology for offshore connectivity Tuesday
16th August 2016
7 SCORRE WG Meeting with CORAL 2.0 Tuesday
2nd August 2016
6 3rd SCORRE WG Meeting Tuesday
2nd August 2016
5 SCORRE WG Meeting on CORAL 2.0 DIGICT Forum Thursday
28th July 2016
4 2nd SCORRE WG Meeting Wednesday
20th July 2016
3 SCORRE WG Technical Meeting on MOGSC members collaboration Thursday
14th July 2016
2 SCORRE WG Meeting with PETRONAS ICT Wednesday
15th June 2016
1 1st SCORRE WG Meeting Wednesday
1st June 2016