Health, Safety and Environment

The Health, Safety and Environment Working Group (HSEWG) has been bustling with programs and activities since June 2016. Up to March 2017, CTWG conducted 18 activities covering Events, Working Group Meetings and Subcommittee Meetings, as well as smaller group discussions and stakeholder engagements.

Upcoming Meeting
  • 7 March 2018 | Culture & Behavior | 3pm | MOGSC Office
  • 5 March 2018 | System & Structure | 3pm | MOGSC Office
  • 5 March 2018 | Leadership | 10am | MOGSC Office
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Working Group Health, Safety and Environment Working Group (HSEWG)
Mentor Mohamed Siraj Abdul Razack
Chairperson Mohamed Siraj Abdul Razack

Main Committee:

Azmi M Noor, IMM

Hernando Caceres, DNVGL

Tom Kennedy, Collabro

Sofiyan Yahya, Cekap Technical Services

Shaharuddin M. Yusoff, PETRONAS

Dato’ Ahmad Hamizan Hassan, PETRONAS

Nor Hashim Yusoff, PETRONAS

Hafi zul Mohd Razali, PETRONAS

Syed Redzal, GE Yong Sai Chng, PETRONAS

Lim Tee Yin, Shawcor


HSE Sub Working Group Committee:

Leader : John R. Christian, Technip

Deputy Leader : Francis Minah, PRISM

Culture & Behavior
Leader : Azmi M Noor, IMM
Leader : Francis C Minah, PRISM

Deputy Leader : Mohd Suhail Sinnalebbe, Fleming Gulf

System & Structure
Leader : Shihan Mohamed, Schlumberger

Deputy Leader : Hissom Mahmud, Berlian McDermott

Vision / Mission / Objective VISION

To promote safe working culture through applications and practices of standard/consistent Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) requirements in the Malaysian Oil & Gas industry


Act Safe, Stay Safe

  • Reduce the Accidents and the Injuries on the O&G Industry
  • Involve leaders from the Industry to take accountability on Safety
  • Create new Safety Culture in O&G in Malaysia
  • Implement a strong system to protect the safety an health of the O&G workforce in Malaysia
  • Improve the competency of the O&G workforce in Malaysia
  • Create a bottom up approach within the service provider in the industry


  • Engage with PETRONAS and oil and gas operators through meetings, correspondences, forums, and dialogue sessions to promote collaboration and partnership
  • Conduct regular internal meetings between MOGSC Safety Working Group members for any business development opportunities.
  • Conduct meetings, forums and dialogue sessions with MOGSC members, PETRONAS and relevant Government agencies to discuss regulatory requirements, approval of permits, competency and certifi cations requirements
  • Organize and participate in talks, seminars, forums to stimulate the industry and promote HSE best practices and lessons learnt
  • Engage PETRONAS on safety related licenses and registrations


1. Systems and Structures
2. Leadership
3. Culture and Behavior
4. Competency
The Safety Task force is focusing on these 4 areas, but will exclude Asset Integrity which will be undertaken by a different MOGSC Working Group
The Task Force shall form four different working groups to present initiatives, critical elements for, planning, executing, controlling, and assessing the implementation of these initiatives within the Oil & Gas Industry in Malaysia.
Proposed Upcoming 2017 Activities
  • Launch of Safety Initiative name and logo by PETRONAS President and Safety Pledge by PACs and MOGSC Members in May/June 2017 (Major undertaking)
  • PETRONAS self-regulation engagement session with MOGSC members in June 2017
  • Engagement with MOGSC members on the Safety Matrix in July/August 2017
  • Development of standardized SOPs will be launches and explained to MOGSC Members in two sessions planned for the year
  • Development and launching of Safety Mobile Apps (plan to launch during OGA 2017)

Activity Report 2016 - 2018


List of 2016-2018 Activity - HSEWG
No List of 2016-2018 Activities - HSEWG Date Link
18 HSEWG - 3rd Sub-Committee Meeting - Competency Friday
31st March 2017
17 HSE Logo and Slogan Competition - Selection Meeting Tuesday
7th March 2017
16 Safety Campaign Contest Tuesday, 27th December 2016 to Friday, 20th January 2017  
15 HSEWG - 2nd Sub-Committee Meeting - System & Structure Monday
23rd January 2017
14 HSEWG - 2nd Sub-Committee Meeting - Competency Monday
23rd January 2017
13 HSEWG - 3rd Sub-Committee Meeting - Culture & Behavior Monday
23rd January 2017
12 HSEWG - 3rd Sub-Committee Meeting - Leadership Monday
23rd January 2017
11 HSEWG - 2nd Sub-Committee Meeting - Culture & Behavior Tuesday
13th December 2016
10 DP Talk Workshop Satumarin Collaboration with HSEWG Tuesday
29th November 2016
9 HSEWG - 2nd Sub-Committee Meeting - Leadership Thursday
17th November 2016
8 HSEWG - 1st Sub-Committee Meeting - System & Structure Thursday
6th October 2016
7 HSEWG - 1st Sub-Committee Meeting - Competency Thursday
6th October 2016
6 HSEWG - 1st Sub-Committee Meeting - Culture & Behavior Thursday
6th October 2016
5 HSEWG - 1st Sub-Committee Meeting - Leadership Thursday
6th October 2016
4 4th HSEWG Meeting Monday
5th September 2016
3 3rd HSEWG Meeting Tuesday
2nd August 2016
2 2nd HSEWG Meeting Monday
18th July 2016
1 1st HSEWG Meeting Friday
24th June 2016