The Sarawak Sector Working Group (SSWG) has been bustling with programs and activities since August 2016. Up to September 2016, SSWG conducted 2 activities covering Events, Working Group Meetings, as well as smaller group discussions and stakeholder engagements.

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Working Group Sarawak Sector Working Group
Mentor Jamalludin Obeng
Chairperson Yatim H. Noor, Awatra
Committee Tuan Haji Mohd Isa, Teknologam Sdn Bhd

Francis Chuo

Vision / Mission / Objective VISION & MISSION

This is a diversifi ed Working Group; Centered on looking into the interest of Sarawak based companies

  • To facilitate networking and strengthen the oil & Gas Community in Sarawak
  • As the conduit to facilitate issues to the State Government and PETRONAS
Proposed Upcoming 2017 Activities
  • Discussion and follow up with Sarawak Oil & Gas Unit, Ministry of Industrial and Entrepreneur Development, Trade and Investment, Sarawak – Quarter 2, 2017

Activity Report 2016 - 2018


List of 2016-2018 Activity - SSWG
No List of 2016-2018 Activities - SSWG Date Link
3 2nd Sarawak Sector Meeting Wednesday
28th September 2016
2 Sarawak Sector Committee Meeting Thursday
8th September 2016
1 1st Sarawak Sector Meeting Friday
5th August 2016